BeneJam at Mount Holyoke College!

On March 25, 2023 at 7:30 pm in Mount Holyoke College’s Blanchard Great Room, the MHC Nice Shoes organized a college a cappella benefit for the Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals, featuring performances by the Nice Shoes, M&Cs and V8s; and Smith College Groove and Vibes.

We are very grateful for their generosity. You can view the stream here:

It’s Cold and Damp

Damp streets and frigid nights are a recipe for frostbite.

Friends of Hampshire County Homeless continues to partner with MANNA and Cathedral in the Night to provide boots, socks and winter coats to our patrons in need. We started the original program after noticing a number of individuals at the shelter in light or worn-out sneakers, when there was snow on the ground.

To contribute, visit our donate page.

House Music A Cappella Jam

House Music 2023
On February 25, 2023, the Smith College a cappella community joined with Smith Celebrations Dance Company, Smith Chamber Singers, and performers from Amherst College, UMass and Longmeadow High School for our annual House Music benefit. All of the money we received went to our collaborative project with Independent Housing Solutions. We’re still accepting donations on line (hint, hint).
You can see the entire concert on YouTube.

Our Shop

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