Volunteer with us!

We depend on our volunteers to succeed in our mission and serve homeless individuals in Hampshire County. We enthusiastically welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, regardless of age or experience, who share our commitment to creating positive change and helping the homeless population in our community.

Your Impact as a Volunteer

Volunteers play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goals and provide essential services to those in need. Whether you’re an experienced volunteer or new to community service, your involvement can make a profound difference. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Supportive Programs

Join us in delivering vital support to individuals experiencing homelessness. Your involvement can directly impact lives by assisting with our support programs, where compassion and assistance are offered when it’s needed most.


Participate in our events, where we bring the community together to raise awareness and funds for our initiatives. Volunteers like you help ensure our events run smoothly, creating memorable experiences for attendees.

Administrative Needs

Behind the scenes, administrative tasks are essential for our operations. Volunteers with strong organizational skills can assist with administrative duties, helping us maintain efficiency and focus on our mission.

Take Your Commitment to the Next Level

Are you passionate about making a more profound impact on the lives of the homeless community? Do you aspire to play a more significant role in our organization’s mission? Consider becoming a valued member of our board of directors.

This opportunity allows you to contribute your skills, expertise, and unwavering commitment to shape the direction of our organization.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities or explore the prospect of board membership and discover how you can make an even greater difference, please contact us:

info@hamphomeless.org or 413-441-1327