Auxiliary Programs

As part of our ongoing commitment to aiding those in need, we are pleased to present our expanding range of support programs. These programs are designed to improve the well-being of individuals facing homelessness and to facilitate their journey toward a better future.

Our Support Programs

Prescription Assistance

We understand the difficult choices that shelter guests often face, including deciding between purchasing necessary medications and meeting basic needs. Our Prescription Assistance program steps in to alleviate this burden by assisting with copayments, ensuring that essential medications are accessible.

First and Last Month’s Rent Program

Our First and Last Month’s Rent Program is dedicated to helping qualified homeless individuals, currently in the shelter, bridge the financial gap to secure their first and last month’s rent when they find suitable housing. Through this initiative, we have successfully supported many individuals in transitioning from shelter living to having a place of their own.

Winter Boot Program

Recognizing the importance of adequate footwear during cold seasons, we offer the Winter Boot Program. Shelter guests have the opportunity to exchange their worn-out sneakers for a pair of sturdy winter boots. This program aims to ensure warmth, comfort, and safety during inclement weather.

Upcoming Initiatives

As we remain committed to serving our community, we are actively working on new programs to address the evolving needs of individuals experiencing homelessness in Hampshire County. Stay tuned for updates as we expand our offerings and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we support.

Thank you for your steadfast support and dedication to our mission.

ogether, we can create positive change and offer hope to those in need.