Meal/Overnight Volunteer Schedule

Our meal teams arrive at the shelter between 5:30 and 5:45 to begin preparing the dinner.  The shelter opens at 6:00, at which time the meal team puts out drinks and appetizers.  The main meal is served about 6:30, plus or minus a bit.

At about 7:30  one or more student volunteers from Smith College arrive and relieve the meal team.  The Smith students finish any meal cleanup, and assist the ServiceNet person in charge of the shelter that evening with various jobs. During college breaks, at least one of the meal team must stay until 9:00 when the overnight volunteer arrives, to provide backup for the ServiceNet staff member.

At about 9:00, the overnight volunteer arrives.  This person assists with end-of-the-evening activities, but their main regular duty is setting out breakfast the next morning, and cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast before the shelter closes at 7:00