Meal Team Menus

Here is an extensive sampling of the dinner menus provided by our volunteer meal teams.  We hope it will be a source of ideas for other teams.

Each meal includes an appetizer, drinks (usually fruit juices or soda), one or more main dishes, bread, salad or vegetables, and dessert.  The appetizers and desserts are always in single servings, for health reasons.   Sometimes teams who note their menu on the calendar (the source of this information) only note the main items.


Spanakopita; Spicy Mac & Cheese with Tomatoes; Rolls; Peas; Carrot Salad; Cookies

Meatball grinders; Peas; Salad; Chocolate Cake

Taquitos appetizer; Chicken Enchilada Casserole; Spanish Rice; Green Beans; Tres Leches Cake

Meatloaf; Mac & Cheese; Potatoes; Creamed Spinach

Baked chicken; Rice; Green Beans; Salad; Cranberry Upside Down Cake; Ice Cream

Roast Pork; Rice; Gravy; Corn; Salad; Rolls; Cupcakes

Pasta with Meat Sauce or Vegetarian Sauce; Cole Slaw; Rolls; Cookies

Spaghetti & Meatballs; Bread; Salad; Cupcakes

Roast Pork; Cheesy Potatoes; Mixed Vegetables; Rolls; Jubilee Rolls

Oranges; Crackers; Chili with Quinoa & Vegetables; Bread; Chocolate Cake; Mint

Cheese & Crackers; Chicken Noodle Soup; Bread; Salad; Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beef Noodle Soup; Hungarian Goulash; Swedish Meatballs with Egg Noodles & Peas; Succotash; Bread; Brownies

Stew; Potatoes; Carrots; Salad; Ice Cream

Meatball Grinders with Onions, Peppers & Cheese; Chips; Pickles; Cucumber Salad; Cheesecake with Strawberries

Veggie spread and Cheese on Crackers; Meatloaf; Peas & Carrots; Carrot Cake

Baked Chicken; Mac & Cheese; Sausage & Vegetable Skillet; Bread; Mixed Vegetables; Brownies

Meatloaf; Mac & Cheese; Chicken Noodle Soup; Corn; Bread Pudding


Pork Stew; Vegetarian Stew; Vegetable Medley Salad; Dessert

Meatloaf; Mashed Potatoes; Green & Yellow Beans; Rolls; Pickles; Salad; Apple Crisp; Brownies

Wheat Crackers; Hot Dogs & Buns; Baked Beans; Green Salad; Brownies

Baked Ziti; Green Beans; Salad; Cake; Raspberry Bars

Pita Rolls; Chicken Stew with Noodles; Green Beans; Cookies

Shepherd’s Pie; Peas; Rolls; Cake

Swedish Meatballs; Vegetarian Lasagne; Salad; Fruit; Brownies

Baked Ziti; Bread; Salad; Dessert

Chips; Mac & Cheese; Baked Chicken; Swedish Meatballs with Noodles; Bread; Mixed Vegetables; Apple Pie & Lemon Pie; Cookies

Crackers & Cheese; Shepherd’s Pie; Bread; Cookies

Ham; Potatoes; Green Beans; Rolls; Pineapple; Cookies; Oranges

Chicken; Salad; Apple Crisp; Cookies


Chicken cutlets; Carrots; Broccoli & Pasta

Taquito appetizers; Chili with Rice & Cheese; Cornbread; Salad; Cookies

Apples; Tuna Noodle Casserole; Peas; Rolls & Bread; Brownies; Spice Cake

Mac & Cheese; Tuna Casserole; Salad; Vegetables; Biscuits; Valentine Desserts

Hamburg Gravy over Mashed Potatoes; Corn; Garlic Bread; Brownies; Ice Cream

Pork Roast; Gravy; Mac & Cheese; Salad; Dessert

MARCH 2011

Pigs in a blanket; Chicken, rice & vegetable stew; Salad; Bread; Mini eclairs

Cheese & crackers; Sloppy Joes; Coleslaw; Cake

Cheese & crackers; Ravioli lasagna (meat or vegetarian); Mixed vegetables; Garlic bread; Carrot cake muffins; Red Zinger lemonade

Pretzels; Irish stew; Irish soda bread; Cake with green frosting; Brownies

Pretzels; Ziti with sausage; Bread sticks; Salad; Chocolate cake

Sausage & meatball grinders with chips; Chocolate cake; Brownies; Ice cream

Nuts and fruit cups; Pizza; Salad; Klondike bars

Sausage & vegetable stew over rotini; Bread; Salad; Macaroni & cheese; Cookies

APRIL 2011

Crackers & cheese; Shepherd’s pie; Peas; Rolls; Cake

Clementines & apples; Baked chicken with parmesan & oregano; Salad; Rolls; Cupcakes

Cheese & crackers; Spaghetti with meatballs; Bread; Salad; Bread pudding

Pizza rolls; Oriental Chicken; Rice; Carrots; Springtime cupcakes

Grapes; Taco salad; Rice; Beans; Bread; Chocolate cake; Brownies

Pizza; Carrots & celery; Easter Eggs (!); Ice Cream sandwiches

Roast pork with gravy; Roasted garlic potatoes; Garden vegetable medley; Kaiser rolls; Rocky Road Klondike bars

Mini bags of chips; Baked chicken; Mixed vegetables; Bread; Blueberry, apple, and cherry pies

Pulled pork sandwiches; Macaroni and Cheese; Cole slaw; Apple crisp

November 2011

[Served by a team mostly without power in their homes due to a storm!] Hot dogs, baked beans, cole slaw, cookies

Crackers with ham & cheese; Meat lasagna; Bread; Salad; Cookies

Fruit; American Chop Suey; Bread; Salad; Pumpkin cookies; Brownies

Cheese and crackers; Meatball grinders; Corn; Salad; Chocolate chip cookies

Chicken taquitos & meatballs; Chicken with lemon and artichoke; Rice; Salad; Bread; Cake

Chicken parmesan; Pasta; Salad; Garlic bread; Brownies

Chicken; Gravy; Mashed potatoes; Corn; Chocolate cake; Ice cream

Oranges; Roast pork; Gravy; Mashed potatoes; Corn; Salad; Rolls; Cupcakes

Meatballs (appetizer); Pork; Applesauce; Corn; Potato; Brownies; Ice cream

Pasta with meatballs; Garlic bread; Salad; Brownies a la mode

December 2011

Chicken casserole; Peas; Rolls; Salad

Crostini (appetizer); Jambalaya; Salad; Rolls; Cookies

Taquitos; Chicken & yellow rice; Corn; Bread; Brownies & vanilla ice cream

Hamburger Stroganoff; Noodles; Peas; Bread; Brownies

Pizza Bites; BBQ chicken; Rice; Vegetable casserole; Bread; Fruit & cookies

Fruit & cheese & crackers; Ham; Scalloped potatoes; Peas; Salad; Rolls; Chocolate or Apple cake

Cheese & crackers; Turkey; Mashed potatoes; Gravy; Corn & peas; Salad; Rolls; BBQ meatballs; Chicken wings; Cookies; Oranges

Macaroni & cheese; Ham with pineapple; Green beans; Bread; Pie

Cheese & crackers; Sausage stew; Macaroni & cheese; Lasagne; Bread; Salad; Brownies

Chips; Meatballs; Pizza; Salad; Ice cream

Carrots & cheese & crackers; Chicken; Stuffing; Cranberries; Rice; Beans; Corn; Rolls

Cheese & crackers; Meatloaf; Mixed vegetables; Salad; Bread; Lemon meringue surprise; White chocolate treat

Rotini & sauce; Salad; Italian bread; Cookies

Chicken; Bean salad; Green beans; Potatoes & sweet potatoes; Salad

Broasted chicken; Mashed potatoes; Gravy; Corn; Salad; Nuts & fruit; Klondike bars

Pizza appetizers; Chicken & beef chili; Rolls; Salad

Bags chips; Pork roast; Applesauce; Sweet potato & cranberry bake; Mixed vegetables; Bread; Brownies with ice cream

January 2012

Stuffed tortilla appetizers; Roast turkey; Gravy; Mashed potatoes; Green beans; Salad; Bread; Apple pie a la mode

Kielbasa appetizers; Ham; Mashed potatoes; Gravy; Corn; Salad; Rolls; Cupcakes; Whoopie pies

Chips; Pasta w. meat sauce; Pasta w. veggies; Bread; Mixed vegetables; Pie and Chocolate cake

Salad; Beef vegetable soup; Grilled cheese sandwiches; Brownies

Crackers & cheese; Shells w. tomato sauce; Sausage/vegetable stew; Ratatouille-stuffed baked potatoes; Mixed vegetables; Bread; Cookies

Pasta bows w. sausage, tomatoes & cream; Cheesy black bean enchiladas; Salad; Bread; Cupcakes

Lasagne; Macaroni & cheese; Mixed vegetables; Salad; Cupcakes

Bruschetta; Cheesy chicken; Broccoli; Rolls; Angel food cake; Berries

Roast pork; Potatoes; Corn; Rolls; Red velvet cake

Beef stew; Bread; Salad; Chocolate cake & ice cream

February 2012

Spanish tortillas; Lasagna; Bread; Salad; Apple crisp; Ice cream

Crackers & cheese; Chili; Rice; Cornbread; Mixed vegetables; Cake

Veggies & dip; Pasta fagioli;  Salad; Garlic bread; Cookies

Crackers & cheese; Chicken tetrazzini; Salad; Rolls; Valentine dessert

Ham & rice; Beans & rice (vegetarian); Bread; Salad

Crackers; Turkey meat loaf; Potatoes; Vegetables; Salad; Rolls, Brownies

Shepherd’s pie; Mexican pizza (vegetarian); Salad

March 2012

Chicken cutlets; Rice; Salad; Veggies; Cookies

Antipasto skewers; Chicken enchiladas; Green beans; Rice & beans; Tres leches cake

Cheese & crackers; Baked ziti; Green beans; Brownies

Deviled eggs; Macaroni & cheese with tomato; Peas & carrots; Blondies

Meatballs with gravy; Mashed potatoes; Carrots; Cupcakes & brownies

Chicken fingers; Cheese & crackers; Pork; Mashed potatoes; Rolls; Salad; Oranges; Brownies; Chocolate chip cookies

Macaroni & cheese w. sausage; Macaroni & cheese w. vegetarian sausage; Bread; Salad

Meat loaf; Vegetables with & w/o cheese sauce; Salad; Dessert

November 2012

Pizza rolls; Lasagna; Salad; Garlic bread; Green Beans; Apple Crisp; Ice cream

Banana bread; Tuna noodles; Green beans; Bread; Brownies

Cheese & crackers; Beef stew; Apple crisp; Ice cream

Meatballs; Roast pork; Rice with mixed veggies; Cupcakes; Oranges

Bean/rice/cheese casserole; Glazed carrots; Bread; Cookies

BBQ pulled chicken; Spaghetti; Salad; Apples & Chocolates

Cheese & crackers; Shepherd’s pie; Mixed veggies; Salad; Cookies

Pork & applesauce; Meatballs & rice; Corn; Potatoes & gravy; Brownies with whipped cream

Crackers & cheese; Beef jambalaya; Cornbread; Salad; Apple pie; Brownies

Green bean casserole; Ham; Carrots; Potatoes; Pumpkin, Chocolate creme, & Banana pies

Chips; Hot dogs & buns; Salad; Brownies

Roast chicken; Hamburger helper; Asparagus; Sweet potato; Scalloped potatoes; Broccoli; Salad; Bread; Cupcakes & Cookies

Popcorn; Roast chicken; Macaroni & cheese; Veggie pasta; Bread; Salad; Raspberry bars

December 2012

Cheese & crackers; Cowboy stew w. veggie option; Bread; Cole slaw; Cupcakes

Cheese & crackers; Meatloaf; Veggies; Mashed potatoes; Brownies; Ice cream

Pumpkin bread; Pizza; Chicken; Carrots; Garlic breadsticks; Brownies; Ice cream

Macaroni & cheese; Rolls; Cole slaw; Cake

Spanikopita; Pork & vegetable stew; Green beans w. almonds; Bread; Ice cream; Cookies

Antipasto squares; Brazilian lasagne; Garlic bread; Salad; Chocolate cake

Cheese & crackers; Oranges; Pulled pork; Rice & beans; Corn; Salad; Pecan pie; Ice cream

BBQ meatball appetizer; Roast pork; Mashed potatoes; Bean salad; Cookies; Brownies

Oranges; Pasta & meat sauce; Green beans; Salad; Xmas cookies

Cheese & crackers; Apples & oranges; Chili & vegetarian chili; Bread; Apple crisp; Ice cream

Pizza rolls; Chicken w. stuffing; Rolls; Green beans; Friendly’s ice cream roll

Cheese & crackers; Pepperoni; Vegetable beef soup; Grilled cheese sandwiches; Brownies

Chili, meat or vegetarian; Green beans; Chocolate cake; Grapefruit

Roast beef; Gravy; Broccoli rice casserole; Bread; Salad; Cake

Tangerines; Chicken pot pie; Green beans; Rolls; Salad; Strawberry/cream cheese dessert

Chicken enchiladas w. mango & black bean salsa; Cole slaw; Gingerbread

Chips; Shepherd’s pie; Bread; Peas; Salad; Cookies

Cheese & crackers; Ziti eggplant casserole; Sausage; Bread; Salad; Checkerboard cake

January 2013

Chile; Squash; Cornbread; Cake

Potstickers; Tomato & cheese macaroni; Bread; Salad; Chocolate chip/M&M cookies

Chicken veggie casserole; Honey multigrain bread; Salad; Oatmeal raisin cookies

Pizza rolls; Spaghetti & meatballs; Garlic bread; Salad; Pie a la mode

Cracker packets; Baked chicken; Green beans; Cake

Football party: Wings; HF; Sloppy joes; Candy

Chicken with stuffing; roasted butternut squash; Vegan rice & endamame salad; Fruit salad; Muffins

Shepherds pie; Broccoli; Rolls; Cookies

Cheese & crackers; Meatball grinders; Salad; Pound cake

Nectarines; Lasagna; Salad; Cake

Crackers & cheese; Sausage & veggie casserole; Macaroni & cheese; Corn; Bread; Carrot salad; Pies

February 2013

Chips & salsa; Mexican casserole; Green beans; Corn bread; Cake

BBQ chicken; Rolls; Salad; Baked beans; Cake

Fruit cocktails; Shepherds pie; Green beans; Brownies; Choc chip cookies

Fresh fruit; Chicken & potato parmesian; Spinach; Vegetarian potatoes & corn; Cupcakes

Chili; Salad; Rolls; Shepherds pie; Cookies; Oranges

Crackers & cheese; Noodle beef casserole; Salad; Cookies

Bread & hummus; Chicken; Rice w. pearl onions; Salad; Rolls; Chocolate cake; Strawberry cheesecake

Cheese & crackers; Lasagna; Garlic bread; Salad

Baked ziti; Turkey meatloaf; Winter squash; Salad; Bread; Peanut butter cookies

Sloppy joes; Corn; Salad; Klondike bars