Job Descriptions

Some job descriptions are entered here.  For a brief overview of many jobs, please see the main “Volunteer” page.

Interfaith Shelter Kitchen Supplies Volunteer


This person monitors the basic supplies in the shelter kitchen using a checklist, and buys new supplies as needed.  Currently most of our supplies are bought at Costco (or other discount store).  The person stores the supplies in the appropriate place.  Minor straightening/cleanup of cabinets and refrigerator may be done on occasion.  The Management Committee chairperson should be informed of any major cleaning, equipment or repair needs noticed.

Time needed:  About 2 – 3 hours a week, best done on weekend daytimes or mid to late afternoon weekdays, plus if possible a monthly Management Committee meeting late on a Wednesday afternoon.

Resources needed:  Should have a car able to fit several cartons of supplies at a time, and be able to make initial payments with check, debit card,cash or Visa card.  Should be detail oriented, and able to keep track of receipts and convey them to the treasurer for reimbursement.  To enjoy shopping is a plus, but not necessary!


Job Title:  Meal Team Scheduler

Duties:  Main task is to create a schedule of meal teams and for each month the shelter is open.  Coordinates with the Overnight Scheduler to create a joint calendar of the month, and mail it to all involved.


  • At beginning of the season, forward the schedule thus far to the overnight volunteer scheduler.  By the 15th of the month prior to the schedule being created (i.e., by November 15 for December’s schedule), ON Scheduler sends that month’s schedule back completely updated with overnight volunteers.
  • Incorporate overnight volunteers from overnight scheduler into master schedule.
  • Be sure all meal teams, overnight volunteers, and phone numbers are listed.
  • Mail or email schedule along with a cover letter to all meal teams involved that particular month.  Information for cover letter comes from President & Management Chairperson and meal team scheduler.
  • Maintain database of meal teams.
  • Find substitute meal teams as necessary.
  • Serve as a contact person for meal teams in case there are any issues.
  • Orient new meal teams as necessary, or arrange for someone else to do so.

Contacts: Listed on schedule and mail labels