Gandara-Friends House

The Gandara-Friends House provides permanent housing for six previously homeless individuals who are committed to sober living.

The Friends purchased the house in 2011 with major financial support from the Northampton Community Preservation Committee as well as MassHousing/CCRI and the Charlesbank Homes Foundation.  The program is managed by the Gandara Center, a regional agency which includes in its mission services for housing and for recovery from substance abuse.

Gandara’s mission statement for the house reads as follows:

We believe that every individual, given the right tools and opportunity, can reconnect with their hopes and dreams.  As human beings, each of us has the responsibility to preserve the values of humanity: mutual respect, honesty, responsibility, access to opportunities and camaraderie.

We have an opportunity with this home to become stronger as individuals, as community members, and as beacons to our brothers and sisters in turmoil.  First, we practice these values for ourselves and then we do it with others.  Sobriety is a path and Recovery is a way of life — together we will learn to balance both.