Management Committee

The management committee meets once a month during the shelter season, and the volunteers on this committee are what we like to refer to as our “worker bees.” They keep the day to day operations of the shelter going throughout the year. Current management committee members include:

Lori Ingraham, Chairperson
Pauline Bassett, Meal Team Coordinator
Barbara Blumenthal, Smith Student Volunteer Coordinator
Chris Caouette, Treasurer
Colleen Currie, Overnight Volunteer Coordinator
Carl Erickson, Laundry Coordinator
Yvonne Freccero
Rick Hart, President
Mary Jagodowski, Recording Secretary
Peg Keller, City of Northampton Representative & Donation Supply Coordinator
Katie Miernecki, ServiceNet Staff
Ali Pinschmidt, ServiceNet Staff
Barbara Quinn, Kitchen Supplies
Delores Thayer, Kitchen Supplies